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We are located in the scenic Kern River Valley within the southern tip of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The dairy goats are the main focus of the farm, and we strive to produce quality animals, with every generation carefully planned and selected for improvement and consistency in health, conformation, and production. At the moment, we maintain a herd of ADGA Registered Purebred LaManchas and Recorded Grade LaManchas and Experimentals.

CAE Negative Herd- Latest Test Results from July 2018 

**2020 CAE Testing Currently Underway. I'm sending them in batches with pregnancy testing. All does listed as "Pregnant" on the Breedings Page have also tested CAE Negative.** 

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2019 Show Results

2019 was the first year of active showing, and the herd made it out to 5 local shows, and made the trip to Redmond, Oregon for the ADGA National Show. Highlights of the show season are below:

Recorded Grades:

S*dew Firecracker 1X Reserve Senior Champion

Boulder Oaks Queen Desire 2X Junior Grand Champion 1X Reserve Junior Champion

Boulder Oaks Black Sapphire 2X Junior Grand Champion 1X Reserve Junior Champion

Boulder Oaks Feather's Gem 1X Reserve Junior Champion


Shadow-Hill's AD Hazel 2X Reserve Senior Champion

Boulder Oaks Annie Get Yer Gun 1X Junior Grand Champion

Boulder Oaks Diamond Decadence(pictured) 1X Junior Grand Champion

2019 ADGA National Show:

Boulder Oaks Cassiopeia 17th place LaMancha Junior Kid

Boulder Oaks Diamond Decadence(pictured) 11th place Intermediate Kid


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