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History as Sundew Farms

Boulder Oaks Farm, which is owned and operated by Melani Fletcher, began in 2009 under the name of Sundew Rabbitry. It later became Sundew Farms when the sheep and dairy goats were added and started to become the main focus. From then until the end of 2018, the rabbitry prefix was Sundew's, and the ADGA herdname was S*DEW. In October of 2018, the name was changed to Boulder Oaks Farm, and both the rabbitry prefix and ADGA herdname became Boulder Oaks.

The Start in Rabbits

My entry in the world of show rabbits started with Jersey Wooly rabbits in 2009, and I have been raising them ever since. In that time, I've also tried out many other breeds, including American Fuzzy Lops, Himalayans, Polish, Mini Lops, New Zealands, Champagne d'Argents, Flemish Giants, and Belgian Hares. At this time, I'm also breeding and showing English Spots.

The Dairy Goats

I got my first dairy goat at the beginning of 2013, a 2 year old Toggenburg named Peaches, who remains the herd Queen to this day. My first LaMancha was purchased in 2014, an unregistered doe who is the original foundation of the current Recorded Grade herd. Pictured here are her kids, my first 2 homebred LaManchas, S*dew Feathers and Sequins and S*dew Firecracker. They later became my first does to earn their milk stars and the first to earn their Superior Genetics status!


The dairy goat herd really took off in 2016 when I met Shirley Benson of Shadow-Hills LaManchas. The Shadow-Hills herd is the foundation of my purebred LaManchas, and I am more grateful than words can express for Shirley's generosity and mentorship that took my herd from a backyard hobby to a competitive herd, and gave me the confidence and ambition to start actively participating in ADGA's Linear Appraisal and DHIR milk test programs, as well as become more active in the show ring.


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